Our firm
In Bergamo since 1972
For over 40 years, we have believed in your rights. We manage any kind of accident, injury or damaging event, without advance expenses, guaranteeing you reliable legal protection and a medical examiner to help you obtain fair compensation.
Since 1972, over forty years’ experience, more than 20,000 claims processed.
Aiss has always been on the side of those who have suffered damages, physical or material, in any field: road traffic accidents, accidents with serious injuries, fatal injuries, at work or at school.
Throughout these years, our professionals have attained an extremely high level of specialization through practice, study and attendance of the most accredited seminars and congresses organized by ANEIS ( National Association of Road Traffic Injury Experts).
Aiss has long been a historical point of reference in Bergamo, for an extremely vast user base, both at regional and national level.
Its main quality, besides excellent knowledge, is great willingness to help. In fact every client is dealt with personally and whatever doubts they may have are explained clearly, making the subject understandable to laymen.
Our clients, in all these years, have constantly renewed their trust and have always appreciated the professionalism, as well as the honest and human qualities, which we always provide in their service.
The fundamental characteristic of our department is the specialization in management of fatal injuries or injuries causing serious permanent disability, where thanks to our group of medical examiners, lawyers and experts we are able to obtain the maximum result both for the injured party and for their family.
Over forty years of incessant activity in the injury sector mean that AISS is a firm made up of top level professionals, always striving to improve their skills in a sector where you can never let your guard down or be found wanting.
For this reason if you have been the victim of a road traffic accident, a fatal accident, an accident at work, or damage to health, by contacting us you will be sure to get maximum compensation as quickly as possible.
we will allow you to dedicate your time to the recovery process, getting your life back, because you will be safe in the knowledge that we will be dealing with your compensation.

Contact us immediately for free consultancy.
In the event of a road traffic accident,
call AISS
You can immediately obtain:
• Repair of the vehicle at our authorized body shops
• Recovery and replacement of the vehicle
• Technical consultancy and examination by a medical examiner for damages arising from injury
• Legal aid